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Land with Building(s) For Sale in Murrayville, BC (22188-40 Ave) - $1,825,888

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Motivated Owner
Land with Building(s) / Acreage / Detached House / Farm For Sale in Murrayville, BC

Main Features

  • Bedrooms: 0
  • Bathrooms: 0
  • Square Footage: 3,800
  • Lot Size: 10.1
  • Stories: 2 Stories
  • Parking: Parking Lot
  • Year Built: 1974

The Basics

  • Price: $1,825,888
  • Property Type: Land with Building(s) / Acreage / Detached House / Farm
  • Ad Type: For Sale
  • Listing ID: 860726
  • Last Updated: 2017-10-15


  • Address: 22188-40 Ave
  • City: Murrayville
  • City Quadrant: South Central
  • Province/State: British Columbia
  • Postal/ZIP Code: V2Z 1N8
  • Country: Canada

Contact the Seller
Phone: 604-534-4040
Contact Name: Rick Mckay

To send an email to the seller, please fill out the form below.

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Property Description

Call Rick at 604.534.FORTY*FORTY 8 a.m-9:30 p.m

Feel free to make Offer but 1/2 price or $200,000 of wont work

Renovations are back on people wanted to much money off the price

( did'nt know 4 sheet of dryawll & install 2 french doors were worth $200,000 dallars)

Lot Size: 10.1 (ten) 100.1 X 403.8 Meters x328 x 1,320 feet long Appoxement

OWNER want it sold " looks bad outside clean on the inside"

Nothing in this area is ever been offered at assessment price it is always over
No Hostile takeovers lets make deal works for both parties.

There is only 3 - 10 Acers parcels in the immediate area (Murrayville)
This is only one for sale most of the land is bigger and more expensive smaller 5 acres very close in price or more. 10 Acers is 10 Acers

* ALR LAND check with city if you want to subdivide * if you could 4 lots an acer would it be $teal
I have no control over zoning changes
There is no creak thru middle of land!
1/2 price offers wont work , not a despair Sale.
thank you for that drunk guy that called. I say Pank

Please drive bye-but dont go on the property.
There are dogs on the property Thank you in advance

Farm tax vs City Tax x 25 years = see bottem page for more information

Farm Tax $1200 x City Tax $6500 x 25 years = $162,500-$30,000= $132,500 saving at least that why farms better place to live.

June 31, 2018 is requested for tenants to move out (Christmas is right around the corner nobody wants to be moving) And possession date be the same. But will work on other dates please accommodate this if you can.

This property is for sale by the owner my name is Rick I will be the liaison person (coordination the exchange of information or the planning joint efforts by two or more people) person for the owners.

I am not the owner
"repeat" I am not the owner

Some of the inquires from USA & Overseas the connections are bad please call back the answering machine is getting of your message best to call back.

Canada is best country in world melting pot for people from
All over the world.

It is best to bring one person that speaks English so there is no misinformation lost in the translations I will work with everyone. But Everybody understands $$ dollars and cents anyways.

I am trying to give you as much information as possible. I will keep on updating this ad as the question come up .The owners well in to their retirement and dont wish to meet all prospective buyers at their age, but are eager to meet with the buyer. So if youre interested in this property read on.

If you submit an offer on the weekend I will deliver it the following Wednesday. And most likely have an answer the following.
Wednesday. But cant be guaranteed! Senior time not in a rush tea time is more important at this age.

This sample contract (below) gets you to the lawyers appointment once accepted, no deposits keep it as simple as we can and absolutely no cash deposits. lawyers appointment is the most important step, In the process your only step missing is a realtor.

Why you ask?
The owner is more active on Wednesdays keep this in mind. The lawyer appointment is guaranteed to be on Wednesday. Please be respectful of the elderly they wish for smooth and slow Trans action not hostile take over.

This will get you a lawyer's appointment very importent.

Sample CONTRACT copy and paste
BETWEEN SELLER AND BUYER Intention is to purpose an offer to purchase cancel any time

This seller is willing to negotiate commission with any real estate agent who brings an acceptable offer from a qualified buyer.

Negotiaons will not start at taking 1/2 price off the Assessment & than commission out my pocket's.

Seller:_My Acers now bye bye subdivition Free at last_________________________________________ Langley B, C

) agrees to sell
) 22188 40 Avenue Langley B, C V2Z1N8
) for the amount of $1, ___.88 Dollars in writing__________________________
) Tile clear no leans, mortgages all taxes paid till 2017
) land is treed, dwelling is old 1974
) vehicles and parts to be removed off property by closing dates
) 10.1 acres Lot 20 NW p43785 part 6 ne section 30 PID 000-000-300
) rent is set in the amount of $1200.00 a month till closing dates
) TO_______________________Froml_________________________________

) tentative closing date______________________________________________

) tentative possession date _________________________________________

You look very happy Mr,Mrs Tax savings @ Langley B, C

) Agrees to Purchase 22188 40 Avenue Langley B, C
) $1, ____.88 Dollars in writing _______________________________________
) land is treed, dwelling is old 1974
) Tile clear no leans, mortgages all taxes paid till 2017
) vehicles and parts to be removed off property by closing dates
) 10.1 acres Lot 20 W p43785 part 6 ne section 30 PID 000-000-300
) Subject to financing offer expires _____________________ Midnight 12:00 a.m
) rent is set in the amount of $1200.00 a month till closing dates
) TO_______________________Froml_________________________________

) tentative closing date______________________________________________
) possession date __________________________________________________
Seller Signature __________ 2017______________________________________
Buyer Signature _________ 2017 ______________________________________
Witness Signature ________ 2017______________________________________

Very simple this is adequate for me I can work with this
Tentative agreement. I can set a date with lawyer.

I 'am not a realtor and don't want to use their copy write
Forms. I cant do anything for you if you are not willing to go to a lawyer. Realtor's are harassing me please buy and show people the big money deals can be sold privately this is why the harassment 75% of the people are realtors and its not on MSL.
One offered my $5000 "get me the deal" Low ball offer guy
And deal sorry surrey move along that a far cry from standard commission. Real buyers wanted a little rant no harm no foul. Just be careful private seller

Location, location, location in Rural Murrayville.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to own 10.1 ACRES in Rural Langley Murrayville. A great central location. Looking for a great central location in Prestigious Murrayville Neighborhood country living with all the city amenities and then some, this is it! Every amenity is within a 5 min drive or a 30 min walk.


Langley Township has lot map tool online of water, measuring, city water, parks maps and lots of stuff.

Estquestrion Estate clean slate built the way you want it
Easy hwy 1 access 233 st 7 min or 16 ave Hwy 99 10 min don't miss out one this one

We are not rushed to sell.

* Assessment is $1,868,888 CAD . Yes assessment when have you see that !
Please do your own market evaluations. Please go on the MLS and see prices for alot alot more.

* Home (3800sf) tear down or renovate old 1975 Nobody in their right mind will tear this house down cheaper to reno it.
* Zoning: Family Residence ALR 2 residence allowed + mobile=$$$ and fruit & vegetable market city has allowed similar venture on block
* Approximately 9 ½ in bushes and trees 1/4 around house clear never farmed
Possibilities are endless.

* Most important 125 ft well very good water. Well is right on tip of big under ground lake (can be verified with city map) crystal clear water better than bottled water. Both have over sized pumps well & septic. 100 thousand dollar problem drilling is expensive you can’t always drill and get water. Not always true but they tell that and take your money. Never ever had water proplems! I have the best water drink before you buy LOL

This is one of only few properties that have a small stream at very back touching it yes. Most run through middle and front of property or both on this block check on TOL township Langley online not entirely accurate but close. Put a bench at the end of property you got a natural park
Put up a hammock guaranteed you will fall a sleep in 15 min or less.
Fire hydrant protection 1000ft away Fire hydrant @ 224 & 216
Two driveways Main driveway is in center of property
Septic is front corner and well is in opposite corner
House is set up in about 12,000 square ft lot and driveway is in middle and well is in corner of property.

Check the zoning with city
8 Acres 2017 2.5 million 1 Renovated older home, 1 old timer, 1 mobile 4 houses away
11 Acres is listed for 2.8 million Right now RU-9 legal Butcher shop 5 house away
2.8 Acres is listed for 1.3 million Right now

Zoning: Family Residence with R3 status not sure check with city

Thank you for looking!
Please test your water before you buy properties with wells free tip there is a real moutain veiw lHAVE NICE DAY


Not all Realtors are bad but they do all get first dibs on the properties.

This is for the people harassing me on Thanksgiving weekend not for everyone!

(Smart phone user) most likely a realtor cant confirm or denied.
I was with the owner discussing closing dates and possession date.
I was bombarded with calls setting appointment and not showing up.
They over hearing some of the calls and inquired on Wednesday 11 Th and. I have come to one conclusion it is very easy to spoof calls. There properly an app for it a little bit of alcohol and a phone that smarter than you LOL. You did not succeed in bothering me.

No body going to see a house for sale on Thanksgiving weekend make deals.
I am coming right now with a low ball offer Lol 20 offers in one day. Ok tipsy realtor I think you see your livelihood slipping away as you all have same free marketing and power point presentation.

This is how it work dress it up how you like

Sign here, realtor sign, msl, take phone calls thats what you do and you stoop to harassing me I'll skip on the realtor part
Who would do this and why ? Maybe a realtor but who care

I will treat each call as a buyer just like you do!

I was at the house all day working out side no big deal.
You did not waste anybody's time you just made things better for me.
Nobody's mad or upset just more determined now I have an advertisement budget Lol.

Thanks for the entertainment


All Dimensions are by the foot and approximate
Total is 3850 Sqf
Floor Type Dimensions
Main F. Entrance 10'X10'
Main F. Rec Room 18' x 35' feet long With Fireplace

Main F. Den 22' x 19'
Main F. Bedroom 13' x 11'
Main F. Bedroom 12'5 x 11'
Main F. Wash Room 8' x 6'5
Main F. Laundry 6' x 8'
Second Floor Living Room 22.5' x 18.5' With Fireplace
Second Floor Dining Room 13' x 11'
Second Floor Kitchen 13' x 10'
Second Floor Eating Area 10' x 9'5
Second Floor Family Room 15' x 10'
Second Floor Master Bedroom 16'5 x 13'5
Second Floor Master Bedroom 6' x 6' Walk in closet
Second Floor Master Bedroom 6x5 Make Room
Second Floor Master Bedroom 5x7 Sink area
Second Floor Master Bedroom 5x7 Tub & Washroom
Second Floor Bedroom 13' x 10'
Second Floor Bedroom 12' x 12'
Second Floor Main Wash Room 9'4 x 11' 6' TUB

needs sundeck reno & railing (1980's) and one 8ft post 2x10x10 , about 4 sheet of plywood go's with house


Sundeck is fiberglased and most of the pywood is like new

injured my shoulder paint,dywall,36" french Doors what ever I bought go's to new owner

upstair's is clean orginal carpets in very good condition

other people want to tear it down that lowers the price to I would'nt Recroom is 20x38 feet & fireplace


Classifying Farm Land

Page Content

What land is eligible for farm class?

The Classification of Land as a Farm Regulation, B.C. Reg. 411/95, made under the Assessment Act, provides that, upon application, the following land may qualify for farm class:

a) land used for a qualifying agricultural use;
b) land used for purposes that contribute to a qualifying agricultural use (e.g., irrigation, access to farm outbuildings, shelter belts);
c) land used for a farmer’s dwelling;
d) land in an agricultural land reserve (ALR) that is used for a retired farmer’s dwelling;
e) land used for the training and boarding of horses when operated in conjunction with horse rearing; and
f) in some cases, vacant land associated with a farm.

Other requirements will also apply.

All farm structures used in connection with the farm operation, including the farmer’s dwelling, will be classified as Class 1 - residential.

How do I apply?

To have land classified as a farm the next taxation year, the owner must submit a General Application for Farm Classification or a Retired Farmer’s Dwelling Land Application. These forms can be found on the Forms page under "Farm Forms". For assistance completing the Application form, use our “How to” guide for step by step instructions.

The Farm forms are also available at your local BC Assessment area office. Please submit your application form to the local office by October 31. This application is not required every year, but BC Assessment may require information periodically to support continued farm classification.

The Retired Farmer’s Dwelling Land Application is available online here and at your local BC Assessment area office.

An application to have land used for a retired farmer’s dwelling classified as a farm must be made every year.

For 2014 and subsequent tax years, the deadline is October 31.

What if only a part of my property is farmed?

Land that is used for a purpose other than farming will be classified according to that use. Land that has no present use and located in the ALR may qualify for farm class if part of the parcel is farmed. If the land is not in the ALR, unused land may qualify for farm class if part of the property is farmed, the land is not zoned or held for business, commercial or industrial purposes, and:
• it meets a prescribed highest and best use test;
• at least 50% of the land outside the ALR is in production or contributes to production, provided the land is farmed by the owner; or
• at least 25% of the land outside the ALR is in production, and the farm meets a higher income requirement, provided the land is farmed by the owner.

Why does BC Assessment need to know about my farm income?

To receive and maintain farm class, the land must generate income from one or more qualifying agricultural uses.

Income for the purposes of farm class will be calculated based on the farm gate amount you receive for your qualifying agricultural products. This income must be generated in one of two relevant reporting periods (i.e., once every two years).

For the 2014 and subsequent tax years, the relevant reporting periods will be:

a) the person’s income tax year ending in the calendar year that is two years before the tax year (e.g., the income tax year ending in 2013 for the 2015 tax year); and
b) the person’s income tax year ending in the calendar year that is three years before the tax year (e.g., the income tax year ending in 2012 for the 2015 tax year).

With respect to new farm applications and developing farms, income earned in the taxation year the application is made or production commences (as applicable), may qualify land for farm class the following tax year. There is a different reporting period applicable in these situations because there is no history of farming.
You must sell qualifying agricultural products in each reporting period (i.e., every year). Crops grown for home consumption will not be considered part of your farm income. Minimum income requirements are calculated as follows:

a) $10,000 on land less than .8 hectares (1.98 acres);
b) $2,500 on land between .8 hectares (1.98 acres) and 4 hectares (10 acres);
c) on land larger than 4 hectares (10 acres), you must earn $2,500 plus five per cent of the actual value of any farm land in excess of 4 hectares;
d) $10,000, in order to qualify unused land where the area in production by the owner makes up at least 25 per cent of the portion of the parcel outside the ALR. Some sales of qualifying agricultural products must occur every year.

What is “qualifying agricultural use”?

For the purposes of farm classification, qualifying agricultural use is:

  • apiculture
  • aquaculture
  • Christmas tree culture (plantation and cultured native stand)
  • dairying
  • floriculture
  • forage production
  • forest seedling and seed production
  • fruit and vegetable production
  • grain and oilseed production
  • herb production

  • horticulture
  • intense cultivation of plantations of Populus species (Poplar trees) and Salix species (Willow trees)
  • management of the Betula species (Birch trees) and the Acer species (Maple trees) for the production of sap or syrup
  • raising insects for biological pest control
  • livestock raising (includes dairying, horse rearing, poultry and egg production, wool, hide, feather or fur production, raising animals for food for human or animal consumption)
  • medicinal plant culture
  • seed production
  • turf production
  • raising crops for food for human or animal consumption

The following are not considered qualifying agricultural uses:

(a) the production of manufactured derivatives from agricultural raw materials;

(b) the production of qualifying agricultural products for domestic consumption on the farm;

(c) the production of agricultural by-products other than breeding products;

(d) agricultural services other than horse stud services;

(e) the breeding and raising of pets other than horses;

(f) the production of any substance set out in item 1 [opium poppy], 2 [coca] or 17 [cannabis] of the Schedule to the Narcotic Control Regulations under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Canada), other than the production of industrial hemp in accordance with the Industrial Hemp Regulation under that Act.

What does “farm gate amount” mean?

Farm gate amount is the dollar value you receive from direct farm sales, the value of qualifying agricultural products that are used for processing, or, in some cases, crop or livestock insurance payments. In the case of livestock, farm gate amount means the live weight sale price, less any purchase costs and less any slaughter, cut and wrap costs. Sales of cut and wrapped meat will only qualify as income for the purposes of farm class if the poultry or livestock is slaughtered in compliance with the Meat Inspection Regulation under the Food Safety Act.

What happens if I cannot supply sales receipts?

In the absence of receipts, BC Assessment staff may rely on local market prices or other local sources. You may be required to provide a sales log or other proof of farm sales.

As a result of the changes to the reporting periods, we recommend that you keep receipts, sales logs or other proof of farm income for at least a three-year period.

What happens if my farm does not meet the income requirements, if I fail to provide necessary information, or I stop farming?

BC Assessment will remove the property from farm class.

Can I apply to have the farm class re-instated in the future?

Yes. If you re-apply for farm classification and meet the prescribed qualifications, your property can qualify for farm class.

How do I maintain farm class on my land?

Property already classified as farm land must continue to meet the requirements to receive farm class for the following year. BC Assessment may ask you to provide additional information in support of continued farm classification. Failure to provide the required information about your farm operation will result in the removal of farm classification from your property.

What if I buy a property that is already classified "farm"?

If you plan to continue to farm the property, you are required to submit a General Application for Farm Classification to BC Assessment after you purchase the property. If you are not planning to continue to farm the property, please contact BC Assessment and notify the staff of your plans to cease agricultural activity.

Updated 05/2014
Disclaimer: Where information presented is different from legislation, legislation shall prevail.

This Seller is
Buyer Agent Friendly

This seller is willing to negotiate commission with any real estate agent who brings an acceptable offer from a qualified buyer.

Room Dimensions

Level Type Dimensions
Main Level Recreation Room 6.10 m x 12.20 m   (20' x 40')

Approximate Map Location*

STREET VIEW   (Click Here)

* Each seller is responsible for ensuring that their map location is accurate. Please contact the seller directly if you have any questions.

This property for sale has been tagged by the seller as close to Abbotsford, Fort Langley, Langley, Mission, North Vancouver, Surrey, Vancouver, British Columbia.

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