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List Price: $469,999 Date Sold: 2024-04-06

"House was sold for full asking price less that 24 hours after hitting MLS. Zero realtors involved, zero commissions."

List Price: $569,000 Date Sold: 2024-03-18

"Clear about every step of the way. Thorough on all the details. Available for any question. Thank you FSBO & Easy List Realty for enabling me to sell my own house!!! If you enjoy DIY and you have experience buying or selling previously, I recommend!! Buy the extra support if you need it (I did not but they are so helpful). It's a liberating experience."

List Price: $575,000 Date Sold: 2024-03-01

"Having previously sold/bought several homes without such a service, I am extremely pleased with this one, having both bought and sold with it during this active period. I thoroughly recommend it."

List Price: $729,000 Date Sold: 2024-02-12

"Omg! It is done! We sold our property! Many thanks for all help from the support team at FSBO. It went fast and we could have never done this without the guidance from the FSBO team who were so patient with us! Thank you soooo much!"

List Price: $1,150,000 Date Sold: 2024-01-26

"Wowwwwwww!!!!!! I couldn’t be happier with my experience with FSBO it was the absolute easiest process for the best price!!! The service and help from
Everyone who worked there is unmatched, oh and by the way I saved $30,000 in commission!!!!!
Screaming!!!!!!!!!!!! Will definitely use over and over again and tell everyone!"

List Price: $725,000 Date Sold: 2024-01-23

"Thank you so much for handling the listing and connected requirements!

This has been a smooth process and I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to take on a sale themselves.

Thank you again

All the best"

List Price: $409,900 Date Sold: 2024-01-15

"The people at FSBO were great. Very helpful and attentive."

List Price: $470,000 Date Sold: 2023-12-21

"Well Guided, easy to list here and the support is incredible"

List Price: $1,980,000 Date Sold: 2023-12-20

"In addition to my savings on Seller's agency fees, I also saved Buyer's agency fees since I can prepare offer document for Buyers using the form provided by FSBO. Scheduling Open House, Changing Listing Price, or adding photos can be done easily on-line. Staff from FSBO are friendly, efficient, and experienced."

List Price: $629,000 Date Sold: 2023-12-20

"Thanks to the folks at for another quick sale and over $22k in savings on commissions. Not only is this the second time I have used these knowledgeable folks, but a third is coming soon. This last sale was a commercial sale which I needed a bit more assistance from the crew at FSBO and naturally they were there to help me immediately. We had so much interest in this listing, many other purchasers were waiting, however the first offer did go through. I love using this service, as it's really no difference as far as exposure goes. You are on the MLS, same as a real-estate agency. I have a grade 8 education and with the help of the great staff was able to do this.
I thank them for their help and experience. Until the next one


List Price: $353,000 Date Sold: 2023-12-15

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your much needed guidance and advice. It was truly appreciated! I am highly recommending your service to anyone who asks about it. It has saved me a bundle of money and I couldn't be happier! I only wish that some of the other 'so called' services were as helpful as yours...

Thank you again for all your help!"

List Price: $239,000 Date Sold: 2023-12-15

"I would highly recommend selling your home through FSBO. The process is straightforward and the staff was very helpful."

List Price: $796,000 Date Sold: 2023-12-11

"FSBO provides you with best support throughout the process of listing your home and were very helpful with any questions I had. Thank you so much very making this as easy as possible!!"

List Price: $749,900 Date Sold: 2023-12-06

"Working with FSBO staff was a great enabler to cut middle people and take control of the sale of my property. My previous experience with two other brokers was sub-optimal, forced me to find an alternative, and I just found all my needs with FSBO. Supportive, responsive and affordable are key traits that come to my mind. Above all, they are more trustworthy than other brokers trying to make a living."

List Price: $339,900 Date Sold: 2023-11-27

"I recommend For Sale By Owner if you know computers well. Staff were kind and supportive."

List Price: $264,000 Date Sold: 2023-11-21

"I am very happy I listed with FSBO. The professional staff were there to help with every step of the process. Thanks to an Awesome Team. No commissions paid."

List Price: $379,500 Date Sold: 2023-10-16

"The process to list a house was very straight forward and easy. It was also easy to contact FSBO for any help or questions."

List Price: $749,500 Date Sold: 2023-10-04

"FSBO worked as expected. Thank you"

List Price: $525,000 Date Sold: 2023-09-10

"My experience with FSBO was great. Susan was very helpful in uploading the documents and responding promptly to my questions. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to sell privately."

List Price: $257,500 Date Sold: 2023-09-10

"Wow, we sold our investment property in Kelowna, BC with FSBO, and it was so easy, and they walked me through the whole thing. We SAVED thousands of dollars in Real Estate Commissions!! Yahoo! Now we sold our home in Tumbler Ridge, BC with them! I love how they provide everything you need to market your place, get it listed on MLS, and all the paperwork. I highly recommend them, and to all my friends and family, it is better those thousands of dollars go into your own pocket. If there is an agent who has a buyer, then sure pay them their selling agent fee, but be the listing agent. I love it. It is so exciting. Thanks FSBO!! God Bless you all."


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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