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List Price: $689,900 Date Sold: 2024-07-05

"Many people told me "You can't sell on your own ya know (with FSBO) because realtors will not show your house... well as I already knew; their advice was TOTAL GARBAGE!! I had 13 showings the first go-round. (and that was in Jan. Feb. '23) Due to outside complications I had to put the listing on hold. 4 months later I re-listed. It was up for only 3 days. I had FOUR showings and THREE OFFERS!!

I would never EVER pay a realtor to sell my home again. ** But to clarify; realtors do HELP CONSIDERABLY when making a purchase. I listed with FSBO and MLS (as an add-on with the FSBO listing) In addition; seller (me) sets the commission you want to offer incoming realtors. THIS is why they will still bring buyer to you. I set mine at 3% of the first 100K and 1% of the balance. NO PROBLEM AT ALL. No realtor I know of will ever turn down $8,700.!!! (normally a full commission is 7% and 3% - so half is 3.5% and 1%). Even someone with 'money to burn' would not give away money they don't have to!

Be smart; save your hard-earned money!! Newer smart phones have fantastic cameras. I did all my own photos. One thing a seller does have to pay for is the new mandatory RMS in Alberta (professional measurements of listing) I paid $105 (incl tax). All together on $689K house; I saved $8,700. yes folks... that's "EIGHT THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!" (which was ONLY HALF of the full commission. The real estate industry is VERY out of touch with reality...

Should you use a service like this? *** ABSOLUTELY - VERY WELL WORTH IT *** the extra work I did on my end of it. (*total costs to me were just under $1000. do everything) They were pretty easy to deal with as well - in getting the info uploaded etc. - which helped a lot. Especially in today's market where homes are 'virtually flying off the shelves!' Why on earth would you pay someone over $8K (in my case) for a house to sell in as little as a day?! That's just obscene - by my estimation. (mine sold in 3 days)"

List Price: $785,000 Date Sold: 2024-05-29

"Thank you so much, Mylee! We had a great experience selling through FSBO! Could not have asked for better customer service! Very much appreciate it 😁"

List Price: $419,000 Date Sold: 2024-05-17

"Sold in four days! Couldn't be happier!"

List Price: $714,999 Date Sold: 2024-05-16

"I have been very impressed with the service provided by FSBO and definitely recommend them to sellers. The one problem I have found is that most realtors will not show their purchasers for sale by owner properties, due to not being guaranteed full commissions. That shows most realtors are putting their own interest ahead of their clients. Hopefully that attitude will change as it has been a really positive experience dealing with FSBO, and it has been most advantageous to both buyer and seller, in every way."

List Price: $285,000 Date Sold: 2024-05-14

"I am very satisfied with the service, very helpful, have dealt with FSBO a few times in the past impressed with the service."

List Price: $995,000 Date Sold: 2024-05-02

"Great service would highly recommend. Saved us a lot of money!"

List Price: $505,000 Date Sold: 2024-04-26

"This is my second listing through FSBO. Super easy & instructive to put the listing together and a great team that works with you to make sure the information is accurate."

List Price: $784,900 Date Sold: 2024-04-25

"Just saved 20k in commissions so we're pretty happy about that. The buyers agent was completely cooperative with us. This is definitely the way to go. Yes I would definitely use FSBO again in the future."

List Price: $460,000 Date Sold: 2024-04-18

"This is the second time I have used their service to assist me in selling my properties. Have now saved over $17,000 in real estate fees paying a total of 1600 for two listings to make $17,000. Good return on my money."

List Price: $3,875,000 Date Sold: 2024-04-17

"This has been great to sell my place."

List Price: $689,900 Date Sold: 2024-04-13

"The team at FSBO was very helpful and professional. All aspects of the listing process on the website were clear and no problem to navigate through. I am very happy with the experience with For Sale By Owner and would definitely use this service again."

List Price: $419,900 Date Sold: 2024-04-13

"I have now sold 3 homes privately with no agents. FSBO is the best and they make it very easy. All the help you need. I have saved thousands and thousands of dollars and about to save even more with another listed now. No need for an agent people. Not at all. It makes me wonder why highly educated people can be bamboozled so easily. Thank you very much FSBO!"

List Price: $469,999 Date Sold: 2024-04-06

"House was sold for full asking price less that 24 hours after hitting MLS. Zero realtors involved, zero commissions."

List Price: $810,000 Date Sold: 2024-03-28

"The service has been easy to use and the customer service has been fantastic!"

List Price: $569,000 Date Sold: 2024-03-18

"Clear about every step of the way. Thorough on all the details. Available for any question. Thank you FSBO & Easy List Realty for enabling me to sell my own house!!! If you enjoy DIY and you have experience buying or selling previously, I recommend!! Buy the extra support if you need it (I did not but they are so helpful). It's a liberating experience."

List Price: $575,000 Date Sold: 2024-03-01

"Having previously sold/bought several homes without such a service, I am extremely pleased with this one, having both bought and sold with it during this active period. I thoroughly recommend it."

List Price: $729,000 Date Sold: 2024-02-12

"Omg! It is done! We sold our property! Many thanks for all help from the support team at FSBO. It went fast and we could have never done this without the guidance from the FSBO team who were so patient with us! Thank you soooo much!"

List Price: $1,150,000 Date Sold: 2024-01-26

"Wowwwwwww!!!!!! I couldn’t be happier with my experience with FSBO it was the absolute easiest process for the best price!!! The service and help from
Everyone who worked there is unmatched, oh and by the way I saved $30,000 in commission!!!!!
Screaming!!!!!!!!!!!! Will definitely use over and over again and tell everyone!"

List Price: $725,000 Date Sold: 2024-01-23

"Thank you so much for handling the listing and connected requirements!

This has been a smooth process and I would recommend your services to anyone who wants to take on a sale themselves.

Thank you again

All the best"

List Price: $409,900 Date Sold: 2024-01-15

"The people at FSBO were great. Very helpful and attentive."

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