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List Price: $749,000 Date Sold: 2023-05-18

"We were very happy with our experience with FSBO. The process was mostly straight forward and any problems we had were addressed and handled efficiently and quickly resolved. The staff was very helpful in getting our property listed and with any questions we had."

List Price: $519,000 Date Sold: 2023-05-10

"Thank you Mylee and rest of team for helping me make this happen 🙂🙂🙂. It was such an easy and pleasant process working with you. Thank you!"

List Price: $499,999 Date Sold: 2023-05-03

"I love FSBO! This service puts you in the driver's seat and allows you to sell your own property on your own terms without the need for the middle man. Sure, you can use a buyer's agent if you want but at least you save some dollars by representing yourself for your own property! Love it!"

List Price: $629,900 Date Sold: 2023-04-28

"This site is amazing. Even if I was not able to list on MLS in New Brunswick, The 60 photo upload, the listing sheet, the forms were all extremely useful. The price was right. I am grateful I used this site."

List Price: $879,900 Date Sold: 2023-04-25

"Adding MLS to our listing was a great way to get more exposure, especially for out-of-town buyers plus we only had to pay the buyer's side of the realtor fees. We would definitely go this route again."

List Price: $784,900 Date Sold: 2023-04-24

"I've sold many homes through different "by owner sites", but I found this one very simple and economical with a great support team working in the background. I would definitely recommend the For Sale By Owner platform! Great way to list, sell and save!"

List Price: $189,500 Date Sold: 2023-04-13

"I recently sold my condo unit with FSBO. The market was somewhat slow but I received good coverage through MLS as evidenced by the number of calls.
I'm pleased to sell at a reasonable price in a slow market without losing anymore to sales commissions."

List Price: $189,900 Date Sold: 2023-04-12

"Very happy with their service"

List Price: $639,900 Date Sold: 2023-03-28

"Truly an excellent experience! Very helpful staff and any questions I had were quickly answered. Made everything so easy. Would definitely use FSBO again!!
Thank you so much!"

List Price: $364,900 Date Sold: 2023-03-22

"My experience over the last few months with FSBO has been very positive. Everyone I dealt with were knowledgeable and helpful. Over the phone and through email, the FSBO team quickly responded to all my questions. Throughout the process they guided me and reassured me so I had little to worry about. It was the first time I have sold my house without an agent and FSBO made it easy and stress free. I would highly recommend their services."

List Price: $625,900 Date Sold: 2023-03-14

"FSBO once again was amazing to deal with and made the sale process of our property extremely easy, this is now our third property sold with FSBO and many more to come. Thanks guys!"

List Price: $435,000 Date Sold: 2023-03-10

"Very easy website to use. Gives a lot of great information."

List Price: $765,000 Date Sold: 2023-03-07

"I was very impressed with the team at FSBO. They contacted me as soon as I signed up and helped answer my questions and made the process so easy!
We sold quickly and with no agents and were so happy with the help right to the end."

List Price: $699,999 Date Sold: 2023-03-02

" was a great and affordable platform to use to be able to list our property on and Best exposure for a home to be sold that I know.
Susan was always available, helped me through the paperwork process and had answers to my questions.
Mylee was also very helpful when completing the rest of the process at the end. Great affordable price for and a great service!

I give you guys all 5 STARS.

Thank you"

List Price: $369,000 Date Sold: 2023-02-27

"Sold to a private buyer, it's so nice to be able to negotiate directly with the buyer face to face. It makes the whole process so much easier. Thanks for helping with the listing, FSBO.

Just bought our new home directly with the seller too!


List Price: $379,000 Date Sold: 2023-02-13

"Fantastic service, prompt and professional communication helped me through the listing process. I sold my place and saved a bundle in commission fees. Thank you!"

List Price: $439,000 Date Sold: 2023-02-07

"Thank you for the great service and prompt professional help. This is the way to sell your home. I was able to negotiate with the realtor and ended up paying $6500 in total real estate fees. At 5% I would have paid $20750. Thanks again"

List Price: $819,900 Date Sold: 2023-01-22

"Easy process (within the constraints of MLS) and we found our buyer reasonably quickly."

List Price: $1,090,000 Date Sold: 2022-12-22

"I would always recommend selling your home with FSBO. Not only do you save lots of money by not hiring a realtor, but you also have full control of how your house is marketed. You correspond directly with the clients and have firsthand knowledge of what is happening rather than relying on a realtor to get back to you.

Mylee is very knowledgeable and is on hand to help in any way she can. You are never alone, there is always someone to help with your enquires. IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN! So why pay a realtor... Save, Save, Save.

Thank you, FSBO."

List Price: $699,000 Date Sold: 2022-12-22

"Paid less than half usual realtor commission by using For Sale By Owner. Staff very helpful."


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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