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List Price: $998,000 Date Sold: 2019-10-04

"It has been a pleasure dealing with you folks. It was so easy to sell this place on my own and save quite a few thousand dollars.

Thank You."

List Price: $299,900 Date Sold: 2019-10-02

"This is a great web site for DO IT YOURSELVES owners. The instructions are easy to follow, thanks to help from Rob. (I had lots of answers to my queries). I think if I were to do it again, I will pay just a small fee to get an estimated price for my real estate... all on the FSBO website, well worth it.

I saved $12,000+ for doing this sale myself rather then through a realtor. Hurray! That is the greatest part. Thank you, FSBO for creating this site."

List Price: $789,000 Date Sold: 2019-09-17

"A big thank you to FSBO for all their help with the sale of this property. The biggest hurdle were buyer's agents, who's first question was how much are you giving us.

We saved over $20,000 with FSBO and would not hesitate to use them again.

If any potential buyers are reading this, I would say to them that they include a smaller % in their contract to the agent if they find a house here."

List Price: $545,900 Date Sold: 2019-09-15

"This was the easiest & most satisfying way to to sell our home!

I highly recommend this website! The help available is awesome!"

List Price: $769,000 Date Sold: 2019-09-11

"A fantastic new way to sell your property. Well worth the extra work and effort plus just felt like the right way to sell our home of 30 something years!!

I would recommend FSBO to anyone wanting to put the time in and a great way to add to your retirement income!!


List Price: $212,900 Date Sold: 2019-09-05

"Great website and easy to setup and use.

Highly recommend.

Happy selling!"

List Price: $509,000 Date Sold: 2019-08-08

"Our condo sold within 3 days of listing (FSBO + MLS option). Our property was in a good location, on a subway/go line. We were pleasantly surprised, and overall really happy with the service provided by FSBO team. You guys rock."

List Price: $175,000 Date Sold: 2019-08-02

"It has been an interesting journey selling myself with FSBO, this is my second time. Lessons learnt: put on MLS sooner for more traffic, definitely made a difference. Don't allow realtors to disrespect you. If they don't want to work through the process with you, make sure that they know the seller has rights as well. Lastly if conditions aren't met on date agreed, be wary. I foolishly allowed extensions when buyer and realtor clearly were stringing me along. I saved close to 10k in commission and learnt how little realtors actually do."

List Price: $304,400 Date Sold: 2019-07-27

"FSBO has everything you need to get your marketing out there quickly to take complete control of selling. Every step of 'how to' explained and easy to use. I would recommend it."

List Price: $459,900 Date Sold: 2019-07-20

"The FSBO website and process was excellent - user friendly and very effective. Our house sold very quickly!"




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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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