Recreational Property For Sale in Bridgewater, NS

209 Haines 1 Road


Beautiful Lakeside Land

Recreational Property / Acreage For Sale in Bridgewater, NSRecreational Property / Acreage For Sale in Bridgewater, NSRecreational Property / Acreage For Sale in Bridgewater, NS

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Property Description

The moment we stepped onto the land, we fell silent.

We had bushwhacked from another parcel we were looking at, across some fields, through a clutter of new and old growth trees, and had found ourselves somewhere we had searched half our lives to find.

We both knew it.

It was still winter, and even with the world stripped down bare, the beauty was everywhere. The big pines acted as sentinels at first, but as we slipped by them, they became eager way markers. This part of the land had been tilled, long ago. A rock scree the length of the whole bluff, more than a thousand feet long, like a low land art cairn, showed us the way. The pines gave way to ash and apple, then to a meadow, not small but not big. Gorgeous though, and with huge maples on its far side. A toboggan, or small vineyard sized slope scooted down away to the left, towards the south west into an orchard, and into a scatter of young pines that were trying to engulf it, and then into the woodlot of mature pines and maples, spruce and oaks and more, until it reached the Hemlock grove. Another meadow lay just out of sight from the first and the track wrapped around some shrubs and birch between them. Down it went along the huge maples, all in a row, down to the magic of the glistening lake waters. No other dwellings look upon the lake, and it is as Canadian as can be, with its ducks, dragonflies and beavers, and spring fed waters. This land deserves a beautiful cottage or a lakeside home. It’s crying out for it. It once housed a farm and a blacksmiths workshop, long since gone. Only an old barn foundation, a collection of rock wall lined wells, and a few odd pieces of steel and iron remain.

There is a tiny cabin and a small barn, but a home, a home from home, a place to wallow in the beauty, is the thing that will bring it new life. Power lines lightly skirt along the lake. The last pole sits up the edge of the first meadow, like an uncarved totem.

We bought the land from a German man, who bought it from a Buddhist, who had some quirky covenants created. This and the other lots nearby were dreamed up to be a back to the land cooperative of sorts, but it never took off, and the other parcels of land had modern houses built on them, not the old style dwellings the covenants wished for. The woodlot is mature and untouched, and is shared between a few local residents, and us that own this land. There is a right of way to it across the land, but it first crosses a neighbours land who had the track dug up many moons ago, heading back towards the 20th Century, whenever that was. It has protective covenants on it to prevent clear cutting. Only myself and my grateful hound have any interest in walking it. A slice of paradise for us.

New Germany and Bridgewater are the nearest go to civilization spots. Then Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Petite Riviere and the beaches are a hop, skip, and a jump.

There is no way this land would be going up for sale if life hadn’t gripped us the way it did.

Ireland is calling, and we have to go.

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209 Haines 1 Road, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada   B4V 4W9

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Gavin Rhodes


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Beautiful Land

Gavin Rhodes

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  • Address: 209 Haines 1 Road
  • Neighbourhood: New Canada
  • City: Bridgewater
  • Province/State: Nova Scotia
  • Postal/Zip Code: B4V 4W9
  • Country: Canada
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  • Property Type: Recreational Property / Acreage
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  • Ownership: Freehold/Fee Simple
  • Listing ID: 789759
Price: $150,000
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