dealing with buyer's agents

About 40% of our MLS® System listings sell directly to the buyer without any buyer's agents involved.

The other 60% of our MLS® System listings sell to buyers who are using a buyer's agent.

So, preparing yourself to negotiate and interact with buyer's agents is a very important element of a successful private sale.

We have included this information to help you better understand exactly what your role in the sale of your property is, and what the basic rules are when it comes to working with buyer's agents.


As a Private Seller, you Take on the Role of the Listing Agent

Becoming the Vendor and the Salesperson.

When you sell your home you take on two roles. First as the seller, you become what is called the Vendor. Just like any other vendor, you must keep your shop/home in order during the sale. Feeling organized and at ease will ensure there is a more positive experience between you and your buyers when they come to check out your home.

Your second role is that of salesperson. As the salesperson and the home owner, you already know pretty much everything there is to know about the property. And if you think about it - there is probably no one better to show your property to prospective buyers than you anyway, so create a positive vibe and have a bit of fun while you do it!

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Common Things Agents May Tell You to Try to Get You to List with Them

The bottom line is - Your Success is Driving Our Success...

Let's face it, an increase in the number of successful private sellers is not an ideal situation for the Real Estate industry, and there are many stakeholders who are affected each time a Canadian home owner chooses not to list their property with a real estate agent in Canada.

The key word in the above statement is "list". When you choose not to "list" your home with an agent, you take control of the process.

Because of this, there is a chance that you will be contacted by some individuals who may try to cast doubt on your chances of success, hoping that you will change your mind and not try to sell it yourself, after pointing out some of the scary pitfalls of selling it on your own.

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The Truth About Mere Postings in Canada

The act of selling your property For Sale By Owner has been made much easier by a few different key factors.

The first and most important factor is technology. Technology is now providing sellers with many of the tools they need to successfully sell their own home. From websites (like that market the home, to the computers, smart phones, hand-held tablets, social media sites, email and text alerts that buyers now use to access the listings and easily connect with the sellers, technology alone is the major reason why so many people are finally able to consider selling on their own.

The second major factor is that back in 2010, following negotiations with the Federal Competition Bureau, the real estate industry made it possible for private sellers to utilize the power of the MLS® System by allowing access to the various local Real Estate Boards' MLS® System, and the national Canadian website at, and its successor,, through a mere listing.

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FSBO MLS Mere Postings in Canada Screenshot

How Your Property Appears on

As mentioned above, most of our sellers simply want to have their property shown on the website, and there is very little difference in how our listings show up there.

The main difference is that our listings contain a statement in the description that lets buyers know that there is more information about the listing if they follow any of the specified links on the listing page.

We include this statement because the rules dictate that we cannot show the seller's contact information on the listing page, and the goal is to get the buyers to click on these buttons so they can contact you about your property with the simple click of a button.

All of the buttons mentioned in the statement takes buyers directly to your listing where they can find your name and contact information, view all of your photos, read your full property description, view a video or audio voice over if you've loaded one to our system, view your open house schedule, and see the full property specs, including room dimensions if you've taken the time to provide them.

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5 - Stats and Information About the Website

More Traffic, More Leads, More Sales.

According to the 2022 Insights Report, the website received:

  • 121 million visitors
  • 564 million visits
  • 1.8 billion property page views
  • 5.7 million & DDF® leads
  • 49% market share*

* Market share = web and mobile traffic to Canadian real estate websites on average per month, Comscore, 2022

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Negotiating with Buyer's Agents

What should you do if you are contacted by a Buyer's agent? Here are a few things to consider:

The number one thing you need to know is that there are NO posted minimum or maximum percentages for commissions payable to agents throughout Canada - period. How much a seller pays an agent to sell their home is completely up to the seller. There are, however, known commission rates that are typically paid to them, and they vary from province to province. Simply put, you are in control of the negotiations when it comes to what you are willing to pay to an agent, if you are approached by one who has a buyer for your property. Armed with this knowledge, here are a few more points to consider.

A) Set the maximum commission or finder's fee you are willing to pay to a buyer's agent who contacts you with a potential buyer.

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commissions - tips & Information

Here are tips about real estate commissions you may want to give some serious thought to.

Using Ontario as an example, the total commission you would "typically" pay to a full service real estate agent is about $30,000 on a $600,000 property.

This amount is calculated using the formula of 5% payable on the entire selling price which is $600,000 in this example. So the total commission of $30,000.00 ($600,000 x 5% = $30,000) is payable by you, the property owner.

Don't forget, you also have to pay sales tax on real estate commissions, so you will have to pay $3,900 more in tax in Ontario - for a grand total of between $33,900.00 in fees to sell a $600,000 property.

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don't give up

The biggest obstacle private sellers face is "losing their confidence". This can happen after listening to the horror stories many outsiders will throw at them, and this is exactly what some of those outsiders are hoping will happen to you.

Remember, the face of Real Estate has changed in the age of computers and the Internet, and you now have a very good chance of selling your own property with the assistance of technology, and websites like and

If you ever need a boost in your confidence level during the sale cycle, or if an agent has told you something that you would like clarification on, please feel free to contact us on our toll-free number anytime at 1-888-323-1998 ext. 101.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important information, and good luck with the sale of your property!


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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