We syndicate your listing data to multiple online destinations:

  • • Google
  • •
  • • Facebook Shop
  • • Kijiji
  • • Point2
  • • Real Estate Wire
  • • Mitula
  • ...and more!

Step 1:

You create your listing on the For Sale By Owner Inc. website.

home with sign and seller
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for sale by owner website sreenshot

(The Secure FSBO System)

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Step 2:

We'll start by listing it on our main site,

for sale by owner listing sample connected to buyers

You can also choose to put your listing "On Hold" if you're not quite ready.

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Step 3:

Your listing is then submitted to several additional platforms!

listing syndication platforms
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Scenario 1:

Buyers on the various websites above can find your property WITHOUT the help of any agents.

Scenario 2:

Buyers working with agents will contact you through their buyer's agent. (FSBO Inc. is never the buyer's agent)

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private buyers for your home without agents buyers for your home via buyer's agent

Private buyers connect with you directly (without any agents involved).

Agents connect you with buyers (sometimes buyers ask the agents to contact you for them).

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Step 4:

no agents agents

The buyers negotiate the sale DIRECTLY with YOU!

ZERO Commission Paid! (Our favourite scenario!)

The buyer's agent negotiates with you on behalf of the buyers.

(You work out the commission with this agent when there is one)

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Step 5:

Listing is sold with zero or half of the typical commission!
(Find out how you can save money on commission.)

house is sold

We syndicate your data because more eyeballs on your home is better!


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


Savings Calculator

See what you can save when you sell through us.


See what you can save when you sell through us.


No Buyer Agent Involved

One Buyer Agent Involved

(Calculations are based on 6% on the first $100,000 and 3% on the balance)

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