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List Price: $336,500 Date Sold: 2016-06-01

"I was nervous at first to list without an agent but the FSBO's website provided all the information and documentation required to sell it on your own. The FSBO customer service team was excellent support throughout the whole transition. It does take a bit longer to sell without an agent but it was worth it as the agent's fees went to me instead! I will strongly recommend this method to anyone who asks me and I will do it again if and when that times comes again!"

List Price: $778,888 Date Sold: 2016-05-31

"Dear Rob and staff:

We cannot thank you enough for the excellent service you have provided to us and we are so grateful and thankful to have used the FSBO platform to sell our home.

When we originally listed our home on January 29th of this year with a real estate company on the Island, our frustrations began. After 2 months of them doing absolutely nothing for us, with no communication and terrible service, I realized that there is no person better to sell our home than us, the owners.

After checking out other sites, I found your site to be the most comprehensive, user friendly and most of all you and your staff were so quick to get back to us with absolutely any questions I had. Not only was your response time amazing but any changes that I suggested to add on your website were done within minutes.

I honestly feel in this day and age of technology and having complete access to the MLS service, nobody should be using a Realtor. They make way too much commission and do actually very little for the seller.

I can't say enough positive things about your company and service, Rob. We sold our home in 5 weeks and although we did cooperate with a Realtor for the selling side of the business, the money saved on the listing side was fabulous. We are going to Italy now as a result of these savings - one more place I will be able to strike off the "bucket list".

Look forward to getting those "Sold" stickers up on our sign. I'm sure it will give the neighbours something to talk about.

Thanks Rob to you, Jen, Francine and Sylvie at Times Realty Group.

Best regards,"

List Price: $439,900 Date Sold: 2016-05-27

"For Sale By Owner was an excellent service at an excellent price. We were able to get exactly what we wanted. A professional looking website to advertise our home as well as being able to listed our home on MLS. The process was very simple and seamless. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The questions I did have were answered right away by real people! My only caution to prospective sellers is that we received no inquires about our property from local real estate agents even though we offered to work with agents in our listing. We had a lot of people see our sign and our listing on MLS and contact us directly. Our house was a very standard home and easy to sell. My caution is that more unique properties might take longer to sell using FSBO then if listed by a realtor. This comment should not reflect poorly on FSBO. We were very happy with the service and would highly recommend it."

List Price: $589,000 Date Sold: 2016-05-20

"We found the process of listing our home with FSBO and, very easy and stress-free. Everyone was very prompt with any questions we had and very helpful. We listed and sold within a week! Such an affordable option! We highly recommend FSBO!"

List Price: $980,000 Date Sold: 2016-05-13

"Thank you for helping to make the sale of my condo in Vancouver such a positive experience. Rob and Jen at were there to help every step of the way. They answered every question I had, supplied additional documents and were always encouraging. I very much liked being in control of the sale process. Thanks again."

List Price: $469,000 Date Sold: 2016-05-06

"Very helpful and prompt support. Would definitely use again."

List Price: $990,000 Date Sold: 2016-05-06

"Help was provided with all details of getting my listing posted.

No hassles.

Would definitely list this way again!

Thank you For Sale By Owner Inc. for making this possible.

List Price: $185,900 Date Sold: 2016-05-02

"The For Sale By Owner website has a simple and painless web interface. The support from the brokerage for the listing was great, and the information provided at each step was thorough and easy to follow. Great value... will definitely use the service again."

List Price: $579,990 Date Sold: 2016-04-30

"Great way to sell on your own. Quick and easy to set up!"

List Price: $459,900 Date Sold: 2016-04-28

"It was a very easy process to get our signs and get ready to sell our house. We sold off the sign. They are very noticeable and colourful and attract attention. The people involved with For Sale By Owner are very good, they walk you through everything, and are very patient with you. If you run into any trouble you just phone them and they will help you. The MLS part of the listing was very good also, and they made you feel comfortable doing it. We will definitely go with this system again. Thank you For Sale By Owner Inc!"

List Price: $330,000 Date Sold: 2016-04-23

"Great service. Easy to use. Very helpful contact people."

List Price: $319,000 Date Sold: 2016-04-06

"FSBO was easy to use, Rob was very helpful and we saved a lot of MONEY!"

List Price: $699,900 Date Sold: 2016-03-30

"Great experience listing my home with For Sale By Owner!
Although I received numerous calls from agents trying to get me to list with them and saying I'd never sell it on my own - I stuck with it and my home sold in 2 days!
I was in complete control of the sale and ended up saving thousands of dollars in commissions!"

List Price: $545,000 Date Sold: 2016-03-25

"Great way to go - really liked being in control of the process!"

List Price: $429,900 Date Sold: 2016-03-24

"Thank you forsalebyowner! Saved $13,000 in fees :)"

List Price: $329,900 Date Sold: 2016-03-21

"This is an excellent service. Would recommend to anyone!"

List Price: $849,000 Date Sold: 2016-03-10

"The listing process was incredibly simple and we got the property online for viewing very fast. Thanks so much for the excellent site!"

List Price: $334,900 Date Sold: 2016-03-07

"I could not be happier with my For Sale By Owner experience. I would like to personally thank Rob for his continuous help and support throughout the sale of my property. I will definitely continue to use this service in the future."

List Price: $1,500 Date Sold: 2016-02-24

"This has been a great experience! We will definitely use your services in the future. We were so impressed with the professional and prompt attention we received from the FSBO team along the way. Thank you!"


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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