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List Price: $89,900 Date Sold: 2016-02-17

"I just sold my home. It took me a little more than a month to sell it. I saved about $4,000.00"

List Price: $269,000 Date Sold: 2016-02-09

"It was pleasant experience to list my condo using this site. It was easy and more importantly having an option to edit anytime was a big plus. I had listed for sale but later decided to sale or rent. I found a good tenant. Really happy about the service."

List Price: $305,000 Date Sold: 2016-01-29

"After a horrific experience with a different FSBO company for less money, that ended up costing us way more in extra fees as well, we located and tried

It was a BRILLIANT move: We paid a bit more than the other company, but had no surprises this time! We had full control over our listing and could edit it any time we wanted. I am NOT computer savvy, but I found their system to be very easy ("yay for drag and drop") and FSBO was always available or got right back to me if I had any questions or got stuck. FSBO is what I would call "Service Oriented" and has won a top score from myself and Cathy for their service. We really enjoyed being able to check how many times our ad was being viewed.

If you ever try to sell you property on your own, I would strongly recommend you use to connect you to for even greater exposure.

On a personal note about selling your home privately - just be yourself and be honest. No special tactics need to be in place when you are face to face with someone who wants what you have, at a good price. Two mature people can easily come to an agreement without making it a complicated procedure. I entered into negotiations with all our cards face up, and so did the buyer, and it was easier than we thought it would be. Good luck! :-)"

List Price: $359,000 Date Sold: 2015-12-09

"Our experience with For Sale By Owner was great. We had tried to sell our house 18 months ago with a realtor without success. With we had 5 couples view our house in an 8 week period, three of whom came back twice and all three of whom wanted to buy our house. We chose the first offer that came to us and had two potential buyers writing and calling us in case the deal fell through.

We found the FSBO service great and the site platforms really worked for us, both the site and the MLS site listing we packaged together. It is true that potential buyers tell their agents about houses they want to see because they do their own site trawling. So good photographs and detailed information help to attract buyers and handouts of floorplans, special features and assessed value documents are helpful to prospective buyers who view your home."

List Price: $1,200,000 Date Sold: 2015-11-22

"If you're prepared to work for it, very worth one's while. Lots of traffic and many savvy buyers."

List Price: $309,000 Date Sold: 2015-11-02

"Selling privately was great, no shortage of buyers!"

List Price: $355,000 Date Sold: 2015-11-02

"Great place to post your home."

List Price: $999,900 Date Sold: 2015-10-04

"Excellent site. Had lots of interest from this site listing. Would highly recommend."

List Price: $399,000 Date Sold: 2015-08-21

"Very happy with the service provided by this website!

It works well when your property is in a high demand area and you list it on the MLS through this service. You should have some experience/knowledge in the process of selling real estate as this is appreciated by the potential buyers/agents.

It worked well for me when I reached out to number of agents who were very active in the area and confirmed a reasonable commission to them. I had no negative feedback from agents who didn't want to deal with me directly instead of another agent. All agents were more than happy to deal directly with me! I had as many independent buyers come through the property as well."

List Price: $1,120,000 Date Sold: 2015-06-25

"I think it was a good idea to offer a buyer's agent commission, even though we didn't end up needing it. It attracts the traffic to the house. I would also recommend getting professional photos taken of the house - we did this, and I think it helped. I was very comfortable with the process and at no point wished that I had hired an agent. Overall I was very pleased with this process."

List Price: $255,000 Date Sold: 2015-06-18

"This was an easy experience. As a former REALTOR, it was a breeze. Thank You."

List Price: $378,800 Date Sold: 2015-06-03

"Hi, thank you so much for the opportunity to post our home on your site and assisting us with listing it on MLS.

We are please to announce that we have sold our home in Qualicum Beach."

List Price: $315,900 Date Sold: 2015-03-20

"We are very happy to say we have sold our home. We would also like to say that it has been a real pleasure working with the folks involved with the "For Sale By Owner Depot". Service was second to none in our opinion, with quick responses to our questions and a true personal touch. We won't hesitate to use this service again, and will certainly recommend to all friends considering selling their homes.


List Price: $360,000 Date Sold: 2015-03-02

"The 'For Sale' signs worked like a charm. Sold via that option."


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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