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Description of Business & Services

Macdonald Development Corporation has grown into a group of companies with two primary divisions. Macdonald Development (U.S.A.) Corporation conducts the Group’s business in the United States with its focus currently being in Arizona and Washington. Macdonald Communities Limited conducts all Canadian development activities with its focus in British Columbia and Alberta. The name Macdonald Communities was chosen to emphasize our ongoing commitment to envision and construct great communities where people will build their lives and raise their families. What makes a home, or a neighborhood is the people within it, and it is our goal to create places to encourage people to live and grow together.

Founder Robert Macdonald has led the company since 1985, creating a legacy of commercial and residential properties across North America. Since 1999, the company has focused mainly on the development of single-family communities and multi-family condominium projects, creating over 4,000 high quality homes and properties. In September 2018, Robert’s son John Macdonald officially took over running the day to day operations of the Canadian development division as Chief Operating Officer. Robert Macdonald remains the Group CEO and operates the day to day operations of the company’s US division.
Our core values

The creation of value for a developer is done through the complex coordination of different professionals from within the fields of design, engineering, government, construction, sales, marketing and finance.

To measure the value provided by a land development we look at not just the financial gain but also the social value provided. How both our customers and our neighbours interact with a built environment, and interact with each other within it, is what determines the value added to the places we develop.


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