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List Price: $699,999 Date Sold: 2023-03-02

" was a great and affordable platform to use to be able to list our property on and Best exposure for a home to be sold that I know.
Susan was always available, helped me through the paperwork process and had answers to my questions.
Mylee was also very helpful when completing the rest of the process at the end. Great affordable price for and a great service!

I give you guys all 5 STARS.

Thank you"

List Price: $369,000 Date Sold: 2023-02-27

"Sold to a private buyer, it's so nice to be able to negotiate directly with the buyer face to face. It makes the whole process so much easier. Thanks for helping with the listing, FSBO.

Just bought our new home directly with the seller too!


List Price: $379,000 Date Sold: 2023-02-13

"Fantastic service, prompt and professional communication helped me through the listing process. I sold my place and saved a bundle in commission fees. Thank you!"

List Price: $439,000 Date Sold: 2023-02-07

"Thank you for the great service and prompt professional help. This is the way to sell your home. I was able to negotiate with the realtor and ended up paying $6500 in total real estate fees. At 5% I would have paid $20750. Thanks again"

List Price: $819,900 Date Sold: 2023-01-22

"Easy process (within the constraints of MLS) and we found our buyer reasonably quickly."

List Price: $1,090,000 Date Sold: 2022-12-22

"I would always recommend selling your home with FSBO. Not only do you save lots of money by not hiring a realtor, but you also have full control of how your house is marketed. You correspond directly with the clients and have firsthand knowledge of what is happening rather than relying on a realtor to get back to you.

Mylee is very knowledgeable and is on hand to help in any way she can. You are never alone, there is always someone to help with your enquires. IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN! So why pay a realtor... Save, Save, Save.

Thank you, FSBO."

List Price: $699,000 Date Sold: 2022-12-22

"Paid less than half usual realtor commission by using For Sale By Owner. Staff very helpful."

List Price: $355,000 Date Sold: 2022-12-19

"We had great luck selling our home on We sold our townhome in less than 90 days when many other units have been for sale for much longer. We had a lot of action from this site both from individuals and realtors and were delighted with the results. Our assigned team member from the site was very helpful and always got back to us quickly with any questions! We were pleased with using FSBO and will definitely use FSBO again in the future."

List Price: $578,000 Date Sold: 2022-12-15

"Thank you Mylee! Thank you for all your considerate help - we couldn't have gotten there without you.

We had a great experience and would do it again."

List Price: $599,900 Date Sold: 2022-11-17

"Our contact Susan was incredibly helpful and patient (lol!) with the process. Walked us thru step by step.

Thank you!"

List Price: $360,500 Date Sold: 2022-11-02

"It took me less than a week to sell my home thanks to FSBO. I must admit, I was worried about the process at first but once I got started, I was amazed at how easy and straight forward selling my home on my own could be! I had an amazing experience with all of their support staff and managed to get 22 Showings, and 4 offers in my first weekend! Thanks FSBO! #CustomerForLife"

List Price: $399,900 Date Sold: 2022-10-31

"I am happy that i listed on this website, property was not selling, as soon as I posted I sold so fast. I am happy about this service and will do it again."

List Price: $337,000 Date Sold: 2022-10-31

"FSBO was easy to use, and having the MLS listing was a big aid in selling. The staff was very helpful in answering my questions in setting up the listing, and following up when I had sold it."

List Price: $1,995,000 Date Sold: 2022-10-26

"Thanks for all your help Mylee. You guys get 5 stars from me. It's a great system."

List Price: $459,900 Date Sold: 2022-10-21

"This is my second experience with selling a house using and again a wonderful experience. Thank you to the professionals who guided me through this sale."

List Price: $399,500 Date Sold: 2022-09-17

"This is an amazing service, with so much to offer for such a reasonable price! I have been SO impressed with the hands-on assistance I have received every step of the way. Rob and Adam have been so patient and helpful in answering all my questions. I can't recommend this enough!!!"

List Price: $229,900 Date Sold: 2022-09-14

"FSBO is awesome. This is the second property we have sold through them and all is good!"

List Price: $850,000 Date Sold: 2022-08-26

"I would totally recommend selling your house on this site, especially in a sellers market or in a small market. Buying realtors will ask you about your preferences for bringing buyers to your home. I thought it was fabulous and worth the fee to get listed on MLS."

List Price: $789,100 Date Sold: 2022-08-22

"Working with FSBO was really educational and profitable for my family and I. We are sharing the info and selling process with family and friends. Mylee and Susan were really helpful answering all my questions multiple times, from filling online forms, listing home, dealing with public and real estate agents to closing agreements. Thank you everyone at FSBO for setting up this 100% doable process."

List Price: $329,900 Date Sold: 2022-08-19

"Mylee patiently helped me understand what to do once we got an offer on our home, making things pretty straightforward. I would do the For Sale By Owner method again, and recommend it to you if you are selling. We got a reasonable price for our property, and didn't have to pay realty fees on the "seller" side, just on the buyer side (2% of purchase price).

Thanks for making selling privately possible and pretty straight forward. Your company provides home owners a needed service. I'll be telling all my friends about FSBO and will encourage them to give it a shot too!"


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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