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List Price: $719,000 Date Sold: 2021-12-15

"I've listed and sold four properties with Mylee and the staff are incredibly helpful and are readily available when needed. They've walked me through the process every step of the way, although after selling four properties, I must say I've become pretty good at it.

Having no realtors involved makes the process so much easier and hassle free. By not using realtors, I've developed relationships with buyers who in turn can see who we are as sellers. FSBO's process translates into more honesty, transparency, and an overall feeling of goodwill.

I would not hesitate to recommend FSBO to anyone thinking of selling their property. Fabulous team and fantastic results!"

List Price: $859,000 Date Sold: 2021-12-03

"We are very happy with the service, it was fast and the support was excellent, always available and fast replies to all our inquiries. Highly recommended. I wish more people will use this service."

List Price: $389,900 Date Sold: 2021-12-02

"Loved the FSBO experience, very well organized and the MLS option in awesome!!

I will be using the service again very soon as I have a house in Alberta that I am selling next."

List Price: $160,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-28

"Great place to advertise to sell a home."

List Price: $465,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-27

"Thank you Mylee!!!! You were so supportive and knowledgeable throughout the process. Cannot express my gratitude enough!"

List Price: $1,098,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-24

"We are really happy with the sale and the services you offer! You may easily showcase our transaction. Not only we have sold way over pricing but set a new benchmark in the area for highest record sold price without an agent! It was pretty stressful but also fun! We gained a lot of good experience with your help of course.

Once again thank you FSBO for allowing this opportunity to people who are able and willing to sell on their own if they wish to."

List Price: $1,400,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-24

"Great experience!"

List Price: $89,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-21

"Hello, FSBO has been a great site to use and we will continue to use it."

List Price: $137,500 Date Sold: 2021-11-18

"Sold in 2 days. Excellent service and I will use it again in future for sure. Mylee and Susan were super supportive and always there to assist. THANK YOU!"

List Price: $183,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-17

"Using For Sale By Owner saved us half the commission, compared to if we sold with an agent. Plus we sold in 2 and a half months from when we listed, which is below the average for our area."

List Price: $774,900 Date Sold: 2021-11-10

"Mylee, thank you so much for all the updates, attention, support and the careful work that you have done over the past few weeks to have my property listed and sold through FSBO and MLS.

I was very doubtful when I decided to list through FSBO, wanted to try it out as an experiment, faced a lot of opposition from agents who kept calling me to list with them, did not want to bring the buyers or present an offer. I still stood my ground with the pricing, stayed with FSBO without termination and finally ended up being successful.
I sincerely thank you for the excellent support that you had provided throughout this listing process and this would not have been possible without you. I wish you a happy, successful and prosperous life going forward, thanks again for all your help."

List Price: $1,000,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-03

"I was very pleased with all the timely help that FSBO provided in going through all the documentation required to list on MLS. They were also very helpful in reminding me about what needed to be done throughout the process in removing conditions etc. I would definitely recommend."

List Price: $375,000 Date Sold: 2021-11-02

"This house sold itself in 2 days with our own lawn sign and the listing on FSBO. We shared on Facebook as well."

List Price: $644,000 Date Sold: 2021-10-27

"The service we received was amazing and prompt. We had help every step of the way and it made a HUGE difference to be able to list on MLS and have a professional sign. We had a showing and an offer after the first day and our listing sold within two weeks. Highly recommend!"

List Price: $644,900 Date Sold: 2021-10-22

"The entire process with For Sale By Owner was great! Tons of support when needed and the house sold in three days."

List Price: $124,900 Date Sold: 2021-10-16

"I really must say, this ENTIRE experience with FSBO has been outstanding.

I just want to tell you how much I appreciated ALL your help and service along the way.

I’m honestly not sure I’d ever use an agent again... this has been so eye opening and empowering!


List Price: $414,500 Date Sold: 2021-10-16

"I can't recommend FSBO highly enough, not only for their helpfulness and professionalism, but for guiding me through the maze because I am seriously internet challenged. And I saved a ton of money and a lot of headaches AND my home sold quickly. I couldn't believe it."

List Price: $899,000 Date Sold: 2021-10-13

"Very pleased to work with FSBO, the employees are very helpful and answer my questions timely. With saving half of the realtor's commission fees made our house more competitive in the market. We received 3 offers within the first three days of listing, and even received backup offer! Only because of our own weakness, we did not bargain too much and accepted a less ideal conditional sold offer, anyway, lessons learned. Thank you all Susan, Chelsea and Mylee! We do not hesitate to recommend FSBO to our friends."

List Price: $245,000 Date Sold: 2021-10-08

"FSBO was a pleasure to work with. They were very supportive every step of the way. I highly recommend their service and save yourselves some money."

List Price: $895,000 Date Sold: 2021-10-07

"FSBO has been a great experience from the start.

Help was a phone call away and the staff very knowledgeable and patient!"


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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