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List Price: $167,000 Date Sold: 2020-03-11

"The folks at For Sale By Owner have been terrific at helping get our property on the market. Questions have been answered promptly and we have had may inquiries. I'll use FSBO again."

List Price: $279,000 Date Sold: 2020-03-10

"The process on this one was quite simple with FSBO and thanks for all your help through it."

List Price: $590,000 Date Sold: 2020-02-18

"I have been very pleasantly surprised how great it was to work with the team at FSBO. Both Chris & Mylee have been incredibly helpful.

Thank you so much!! You will definitely be getting referrals from us..."

List Price: $389,000 Date Sold: 2020-02-18

"I do really appreciate fully professional services here and I recommend everyone to use this fantastic way to sell houses with less costs."

List Price: $424,900 Date Sold: 2020-02-08

"Great customer service. Quick to answer my questions and guidance on filling out the paperwork!"

List Price: $275,000 Date Sold: 2020-01-31

"We used FSBO for the first time and found it not only easy to use but as effective for getting the word out there as any other method."

List Price: $524,900 Date Sold: 2020-01-22

"It took some time and patience but was definitely worth listing it ourselves as we saved thousands of dollars."

List Price: $579,900 Date Sold: 2019-12-20

"The experience at was great.

Getting my property listed and sold was as easy as could be!"

List Price: $395,500 Date Sold: 2019-12-14

"They were very helpful in the listing process."

List Price: $445,000 Date Sold: 2019-12-09

"We were very happy with the service provided and the ease of using this web site.

We were especially happy to have saved $18,200 in realtor fees. Thanks for the great experience."

List Price: $315,000 Date Sold: 2019-11-20

"When we decided that were we going to sell on our own, we posted it on the local buy/sell sites with not much activity, but once we listed with FSBO and got on the MLS service that's when we got the most activity and sold the house within a couple of weeks.

The team at FSBO were very helpful and answered all our question or concerns in a very timely manner. I would use them again and recommend to others."

List Price: $389,900 Date Sold: 2019-11-16

"I sold my house quickly and it wasn't difficult. For Sale By Owner walked me through the necessary paperwork. I enjoyed taking my own photos and writing the ad.

All of the showings had a buyer's realtor so it was as easy as opening the door for them and saying hello. I even enjoyed negotiating the offer.

I was nervous to try it but it was a good experience and I saved a lot of money."

List Price: $599,900 Date Sold: 2019-11-01

"Thanks! It took a while to complete the sale, but we had the offer 6 days from the time we listed. Easy! What do realtors do for their huge fee? Not much."

List Price: $679,900 Date Sold: 2019-10-25

"We found FSBO so very easy to use and any questions we had were answered right away via online chat or phone call.

Our signs came in only 2 days and we liked the quality of them.

Their site was loaded with lots of seller information and tips."

List Price: $559,900 Date Sold: 2019-10-24

"SOLD in 28 hours!"

List Price: $245,700 Date Sold: 2019-10-22

"This is the way to sell a house, not dealing with realtors and their high fees has left us with far more money in our pockets than we would have had.

FSBO has been very helpful in all aspects of our home sale. Selling your home is not that hard, especially with guidance from very knowledgeable and helpful people.

Thank you,"

List Price: $344,900 Date Sold: 2019-10-11

"We had our house for sale with a Realtor but he did not sell it. When our contract expired, I had decided to put it up for sale on FSBO.

It was the best decision I ever made. The guys at FSBO are very helpful, their website is so easy to use and I saved thousands of dollars.

If you have a house for sale I encourage you to try FSBO!!!"

List Price: $998,000 Date Sold: 2019-10-04

"It has been a pleasure dealing with you folks. It was so easy to sell this place on my own and save quite a few thousand dollars.

Thank You."

List Price: $299,900 Date Sold: 2019-10-02

"This is a great web site for DO IT YOURSELVES owners. The instructions are easy to follow, thanks to help from Rob. (I had lots of answers to my queries). I think if I were to do it again, I will pay just a small fee to get an estimated price for my real estate... all on the FSBO website, well worth it.

I saved $12,000+ for doing this sale myself rather then through a realtor. Hurray! That is the greatest part. Thank you, FSBO for creating this site."

List Price: $789,000 Date Sold: 2019-09-17

"A big thank you to FSBO for all their help with the sale of this property. The biggest hurdle were buyer's agents, who's first question was how much are you giving us.

We saved over $20,000 with FSBO and would not hesitate to use them again.

If any potential buyers are reading this, I would say to them that they include a smaller % in their contract to the agent if they find a house here."




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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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