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List Price: $405,000 Date Sold: 2022-06-17

"I was very satisfied with all the help I received from the people at FSBO. They were very knowledgeable about what they do and work very long hours to help in anyway they can. Selling this way made perfect sense, the cost was low and the views were more than I ever expected. I would definitely use FSBO again should the need arise."

List Price: $168,200 Date Sold: 2022-06-07

"What an awesome site!! Susan and Mylee were so helpful in the process, and the property sold in less than 2 weeks! No need for a Realtor and pay exorbitant commission fees when I can list here, with all the free help available, for $500!! Saved us a LOT of money and it was so easy. All you need is a lawyer to close the deal! Thanks FSBO! I'll be listing our house very soon with you again!"

List Price: $207,500 Date Sold: 2022-06-04

"The entire FSBO process has been positive and straightforward from the start. All the necessary steps and forms are well organized and explained on the website. Mylee was exceptionally helpful with the MLS listing, as she was prompt, efficient and highly knowledgeable when handling my inquiries, regardless of the time of day. If you’re looking to save high real estate commission fees, I strongly recommend FSBO."

List Price: $549,000 Date Sold: 2022-06-03

"Fantastic, have sold two houses now with FSBO. Easy and good support. The best way to sell your home"

List Price: $422,000 Date Sold: 2022-05-30

"Listing with FSBO and getting our house on mls was an exceptional experience. It was easy to get ahold of someone to help when needed and they were always happy and easy to work with. I am so grateful this service exists."

List Price: $504,900 Date Sold: 2022-05-24

"Would highly recommend FSBO, saved thousands of dollars on a list agent!"

List Price: $1,025,000 Date Sold: 2022-05-21

"FSBO worked out well for us. We were able to do a lot of the work to save on paying a seller's agent. The people at FSBO were helpful and easy to get in contact with for questions and guidance. Thanks."

List Price: $229,000 Date Sold: 2022-05-13

"Great website. Very effective and resulted in a quick sale!"

List Price: $149,900 Date Sold: 2022-05-10

"It works!! Home sold, no agents."

List Price: $652,000 Date Sold: 2022-05-09

"This is an awesome way to save HUGE realtor fees in a hot buyer's market. We highly recommend."

List Price: $669,000 Date Sold: 2022-05-03

"Thank you for making your services easy and straight-forward to use."

List Price: $525,000 Date Sold: 2022-04-22

"FSBO worked great!"

List Price: $389,000 Date Sold: 2022-04-15

"Thanks Mylee. What a pleasant experience. The buyer paid the buyers agent's commission too, so it worked out great. Will definitely use your service again."

List Price: $685,000 Date Sold: 2022-04-11

"Thank you so much Mylee!
You and Your team were fabulous!! I felt so confident and supported!! I will be raving about your service!!!"

List Price: $835,000 Date Sold: 2022-04-10

"Mylee provided outstanding support. Prompt responses to inquiries, clear understanding of the process, professional interactions. Can recommend FSBO to those wanting to be deeply involved in the sale of their property while saving substantial commission dollars. Many thanks!"

List Price: $249,000 Date Sold: 2022-03-29

"FSBO service worked for us and sold with savings in commission on seller's side!"

List Price: $800,000 Date Sold: 2022-03-25

"FSBO allowed us to list our property with the same broad level exposure as a Seller's Agent.

We appreciate all FSBO's support and guidance through the process. We will have saved approximately $13,000 in commission after offering a commission to the Buyer Agent. Responses from various Buyer Agents was great. On top of that, we sold at our listing price. You do need to ensure you do your homework, prepare your sales packages, use lawn signs/marketing materials, are available to show your property, and that you are comfortable speaking to potential buyers and agents.

There are knowledgeable people behind FSBO's phone number and email to provide help, fill in initial forms, and provide direction. Thank you Darya and Susan. Darya Pfund, Broker, from Stratten Gates Real Estate Ltd. was very responsive and checked-in through the listing period by email and phone. Susan Hemmaway from FSBO was knowledgeable, friendly, very responsive, and provided reminders along the way.

FSBO's website is easy to use and provides the necessary documents with information on how to complete them.

We will use FSBO again."

List Price: $898,000 Date Sold: 2022-03-24

"Thank you all so much. It has been a wonderful experience working with you all. Appreciate all FSBO support and guidance through this process and yes the money savings was outstanding. I have educated some people that although this is a process it is one that more people should explore to hold onto their hard earned equity. 5 Stars to FSBO."

List Price: $430,000 Date Sold: 2022-03-23

"I am glad I used this website. It is user friendly and had clear guidelines for every steps. There are real people behind listed phone numbers to provide help, they are courteous and helpful giving information and helping filling the forms."

List Price: $429,000 Date Sold: 2022-03-16

"You and your team really made the process very manageable and much less intimidating knowing you were there if I ran into any issues.

Thank you again for all your support!"


With FSBO, you ALWAYS SAVE AT LEAST HALF of the commission you would normally pay a full service agent.


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See what you can save when you sell through us.


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