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List Price: $334,900 Date Sold: 2021-02-03

"I never thought I could sell my home on my own until I found For Sale By Owner. They really paid attention to every detail on selling my home and are there to guide you with any questions you have with tons of patience. I paid full buyer realtor commission (3% on 100k, 1.2% on balance) which I recommend to have lots of buyers, but I saved 10k by selling on my own with For Sale By Owner.

Definitely recommend this above any other site out there."

List Price: $365,000 Date Sold: 2021-02-01

"I really appreciated who created this website and which help sellers understand the proper market. I sold my house in just 1 day. There are no nightmares during the transaction. I saved a chunk of money ($17,000). My listing agent, Susan always called and helped me with forms necessary for MLS listing and guided me in the proper direction. Thanks, Susan and FSBO for the seamless transition. Strongly recommended.

Special Message for Buyer: "I feel when you go for viewing a house, the owner of the house knows more than a realtor. Please don't forget this""

List Price: $169,000 Date Sold: 2021-01-28

"FSBO is my go to site for real estate deals, simply the best. Thank you!"

List Price: $449,900 Date Sold: 2021-01-23

"It was a simple process and the FSBO team was always available to help!"

List Price: $1,775,000 Date Sold: 2021-01-20

"FSBO is a great website, easy to navigate, user friendly. I highly recommend this company for anyone trying to sell their own home."

List Price: $739,900 Date Sold: 2021-01-20

"Very awesome way to go. Sold in 1 day. Everyone should do it."

List Price: $1,095,000 Date Sold: 2021-01-19

"We couldn't have been happier with your service, I will definitely recommend this option to other people."

List Price: $1,500,000 Date Sold: 2021-01-18

"I encourage anyone trying to sell their property by owner to never give up, using for sale by owner helped me improve my google rankings."

List Price: $558,500 Date Sold: 2021-01-15

"This has been our 7th home sold through FSBO for over 30 years. People do not be scared off by the TV ads, you have an amazing support team to assist you in selling your home on your own.
Thanks again"

List Price: $294,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-19

"It was very easy for us to list and sell our property with forsalebyowner. I especially like that fee is low compared to other sites and your house is still listed on the MLS. Thank you guys!"

List Price: $950,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-18

"Excellent, prompt and responsive service from the FSBO team. I saved over 12K by selling my own home, which was made much easier with the assistance and knowledge provided by FSBO."

List Price: $205,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-17

"Great service, will use again!"

List Price: $542,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-14

"It was great dealing with everyone at FSBO! Highly recommend their services!"

List Price: $810,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-12

"Susan and Charlene were awesome giving guidance entering details into the website. Hats off to both of them."

List Price: $1,398,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-09

"Thank you Mylee & FSBO - the process was very smooth and we would do it again!"

List Price: $989,000 Date Sold: 2020-12-06

"Please use FSBO and support the federal Competition Act. No industry should be allowed to set a predetermined non-negotiable fee."

List Price: $499,900 Date Sold: 2020-12-05

"Great service!
Only positive outcomes here!"

List Price: $162,500 Date Sold: 2020-12-01

"A heartfelt thank you for your excellent service throughout my For Sale By Owner process. Even though I was new to the site and had lots of questions, you helped me navigate it all. You were always kind and helpful."

List Price: $897,000 Date Sold: 2020-11-30

"Selling my home on FSBO earned me $85,000 MORE than what my previous Real Estate Agent was urging me to sell for.

He insisted as that the house needed new paint and several other ridiculous expenses.

The Real Estate Agent had 5 people walk through to view my home in the 2 and 1/2 months I put up with him.

Not only did he convince me that my sale price needed to be substantially lower, he only brought ONE offer. $125,000.00 LOWER than the price that he had convinced me was the more appropriate value.

With FSBO I had a dozen views in the 3 weeks and 3 offers. 2 of them were higher than my asking price after raising it back to my original price.

Realtors make money by deceiving and manipulating the environment, convincing you that you truly have no option but to take a loss, and take it quick before you lose that too!!

Meanwhile, they are filling their pockets without a second thought to your best interests.

This has been my personal experience, and happened more than once.

FSBO is so EASY to use.
Whenever I encountered a problem, they were there to help walk me through it. I cant thank FSBO enough!"

List Price: $369,900 Date Sold: 2020-11-18

"Thanks FSBO. You helped me sell my duplex quickly without having to pay a hefty fee."



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